On Pricing Your Work

Wow. I was doing some research today on price points for sewing alterations and custom made garments.

Know what I found out? I’ve totally been ripping myself off. Not so much in the alterations department, but as far as custom made clothing is concerned, I’ve been pretty much giving my work away.

Do you know how much people charge to draft up custom made patterns? A lot!

I will now provide you with a breakdown of average price points for basic custom made garments. I took the pricing from three different Toronto area seamstresses (Personal Style With Elsy, Professional Sew and Fit, and Perfect Fit For You), and created an average price point from what they charge. Please note that these are starting points for the most basic pieces – if you want pockets, pleats, lining, anything beyond a basic shell, you’re paying extra. Also note that these prices do not include the cost of fabric, or the cost of sourcing the fabric (if desired):

Skirts (basic straight skirt, unlined) $93.33
Pants (no pockets, just straight leg slacks) $160
Dress (sleeveless, straight skirt) $176.66
Dress (with sleeves) $220
Top (presumably no darts or sleeves) $170 (holy shit)
Jacket (no pockets, no lining) $233.33

Wowsers, guys. Mind you, I need a bit more practice on certain tailoring techniques (for example, my welt pockets range from perfect to … not so much). And I imagine that these seamstresses have been doing this type of thing for many years longer than I have.

But still. I need to do some price upgrading!


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