This Saturday: Bazaar of the Bizarre

About three weeks ago, I was totally on the ball. I had some extra-curricular sewing work coming in (with a fair amount of time to get things finished), I was digging into my soon-to-be-publicly-revealed Springtime project, and I was just getting started on drafting pants.

Then the sickness hit.

Two weeks of sickness, to be precise. Fever, intense fatigue, crazy sore throat, buckets o’ snot, you know the drill. Now to be fair, the fever only lasted a few days. And the intense fatigue? Just one measly week! But I was full of sore throat and snot for a really long time. And when I came out of it, I was no longer on the ball.

Which leads me to this, a post I totally forgot to write until this morning:

This Saturday, I will be selling my wares at the October Edition of Bazaar of the Bizarre!

TBOTB_halloween2013-v1 (1)

I will be selling framed animals. That is all.

I was planning on introducing a new batch of stuffed critters, but I’m just not happy with where they’re at right now. So I’m going to tweak the pattern, and debut them some other time.

No pics.

Not even a hint of what they might be.

The show is taking place at 918 Bathurst, and runs from 11am-8pm. It’s FREE to get in, and it looks like it’ll be packed, so come early (or late, whatever I don’t care how you schedule your life) and bring your dollar bills!


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