Hello, Sailor!

A question for the artists out there: do you ever find your art sometimes takes great leaps forward? Like, there was some technique that forever remained elusive, just out of reach? And every attempt you made to grasp that technique fell flat and stupid and gave you a weird lumpy crotch, or some kind of massive wedgie?

I’m talking pants, guys. Pants kinda suck.

At least, they sucked until last week when I suddenly figured them out.

Holy shit.


I done drafted me up some pant slopers, and, after a conversation with a friend last week about sailor pants, I done made me some sailor pants.

And again: holy shit. This opens up a whole new world of wardrobe possibilities.


I didn’t take any pics of me wearing them (I’m sweaty from fever, and the light is all wrong), but let it be known that these puppies fit like they were made for me.

Because they were.

I made pants!


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