Favourite Blog Links: Educational

This is the second half of my favourite links series. If you can call two posts a “series.” Honestly, I was going to do a three-parter, but then I was like “hmm… no.” And thus, the miniseries was born.

Here’s a list of my favourite blogs to follow for learnin’. Some of these websites make the grade simply due to the amount of info they offer, while others just have a few really good tutorials that are hard to find online.

In no particular order:

Burdastyle I guess this one should be obvious. They’ve been around for ages, and you can find tons of info, if you know where to look. There are forums, tutorials and online classes, so you’re pretty much set up as soon as you become a member (free!).

Threads used to be better, before they implemented a two-level viewing system, where you have to pay for a special “Insiders” membership in order to read the more interesting articles. Still, if you look closely, you’ll still be able to find some free articles and tutorials on there.

Craftsy offers a whole mess of online classes, most of which are way cheaper than any real life classes you’ll find (at least in Toronto anyway). I guess the catch is that you don’t have the teacher right in front of you if you need to ask a question. But wait! They let you pause the video and ask the teacher a question online, So I guess that’s pretty cool. Also, you get to save your classes forever, so you can go back to re-visit them if you need to refresh your learnin’ brain.

Elegant Musings okay full disclosure: I never read this blog, and if I did, I would have linked it to my Inspirational blogs post. But she has loads of helpful tutorials, as well as a series on pattern drafting (one, two and three), which is amazing.

Michael Coates on Youtube dude’s got mad tailoring skills, and he’s showing everybody how to do it! Get your ass in there and take a look.

Michele Made Me again, I never read this blog, but her denim pouf tutorial is neat!


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