Favourite Blog Links: Inspirational

I thought that I’d share some of my favourite sewing links with you!

This is a list of my favourite inspirational blogs, where I get to take a peek at what other sewers are up to. All of these bloggers manage to combine creativity, sewing skills, and an entertaining writing style, and I try to check out each of their pages at least once a week.

In no particular order:

Outsapop Trashion is Finnish fashion blog that focuses on upcycled projects. Designer Outi leans towards punk and rock n’ roll styles, and she frequently posts tutorials from other blogs that are fresh, modern and super creative.

Lladybird is a seamstress from Tennessee (I think!). She is wickedly talented, and she swears like sailor, which just makes everything even more awesome. She focuses on test driving sewing patterns, and has immense technical skills.

Struggle Sews a Straight Seam is a relatively new-to-sewing seamstress, recently uprooted to NYC. Her blog follows the trials and errors of a self-taught sewer, and she isn’t afraid to show her mistakes. She has great classic style, and her dresses are always really cute!

A Dress a Day recently completed a photo essay of 100 dresses that she’d made, spanning 100 days. They were really cute, and it was interesting to see how varied the results were whenever she’d revisit a sewing pattern several times. Otherwise, she also creates imaginary conversations for the models on the covers of vintage sewing patterns (trust, they’re awesome).

Other blogs worth checking out:

Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing for advanced pattern drafting tips

‘So, Zo…’ for maternity sewing


Dixie DIY for in-depth articles on pattern drafting

Tilly and the Buttons

A Fashionable Stitch

Ruffles and Stuff for home decor and children’s fashion tutorials

A Stitching Odyssey for vintage fashions

Male Pattern Boldness for men’s wear

Miss Celie’s Pants for home sewing lingerie

The Cutting Class for avant garde/couture ideas


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