Business Card DIY

Here’s the thing: I hate paying for things. I almost never have $50 kicking around for something frivolous, and when I do, I spend it on candy booze fabric.

Certainly not on stupid boring business cards. Ugh, the worst.

And, as a result, I’ve spent the last 7 months handing out business cards that have outdated contact info on them. Covered up with an ill-fitted, and somewhat transparent sticker that features my current contact info. They look like crap.

Earlier this week, I was at the dollar store (the big one, the one that we all go to because holy mackerel look at those adorable display boxes/handy kitchen essentials/DISCOUNT CANDY!!!), and I came across a package of card stock paper for $2. Like 50 pages of card stock paper for $2. And I just stared at it for a minute before walking away without purchasing it. What the hell am I gonna do with card stock?

Make my own business cards, obvies:





They might not be your style, but they totally speak my language (my language is Broke-Ass Artist Who Loves Rustic DIY Stuff).


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