Upcoming: Neatoh! Artisan Market

On Saturday July 20th, I will be taking part in the Neatoh! Artisan Market! In Oshawa!


A little thing about me & Oshawa: I LOVE Oshawa. Like for real. And my Oshawa roots run deep too. I grew up in and around Oshawa, I married an Oshawa feller, and I’m moving back to Oshawa at some point next year.

Moving back is the main reason why I decided to do a show in Durham; I wanted to meet other area artisans, and I wanted to see how my products would be received as well. I spent some time researching the arts and crafts scenes in Durham region, and discovered what looks like a healthy thriving scene. I shouldn’t have been so surprised. The high school I attended was very much an arts school, with a large emphasis on both visual and dramatic arts (the head of the arts department proudly declared her students to be OCAD-ready by grade 10), and most of my leisure time in my teen years was spent either going to see local bands play (every single weekend), or making art.

The venue where the Neatoh! Artisan Market is being held is The Vault, a new multi-purpose creative space right in the heart of Oshawa. It’s accessible by both Durham Transit, as well as Go Transit (one transfer from train-to-bus), and there’s free parking in Oshawa on weekends.

And from what I understand, the Artisan market will be running in conjunction with Oshawa’s sidewalk sale!

No one has ever been this excited about Oshawa.


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