Easy Sundress Tutorial

This tutorial is from my old blog:

Take a rectangle of fabric that measures about 12-14″ wider than your hips and approximately 33-37″ long, depending on your height (I’m 5’3″ and my fabric measured 33.5″).  And take a strip of fabric that measures 48″ long and 1″ wide.


Again, pay no attention to that second thin strip of fabric. Hemming the strap was annoying and I decided that I didn’t need the second one.

Sew the sides together so that it forms a big tube and hem the top and bottom of the tube.

Take your thin strip of fabric and first fold the outside edges inward.


And then fold that in half and pin her down.


Sew it all the way down.

Now, what I did was sew it all together and then cut it into four pieces afterwards.  You can do that, or you can cut the strip into four even pieces ahead of time and then sew them individually.  I also didn’t hem the outside edges of the strips, which might make them fray.  You can hem them if you want, but it looks like a big pain in the butt to me.

Take you dress tube, and with your elastic thread hand wrapped around a bobbin spool, shirr around the top 12″ of the dress.  You can read more about the shirring process in this post here.  Or google it, I don’t care.


Hold the fabric tight like I’m doing so that it doesn’t bunch up and sew up all crazy-like.

You will be doing this shirring step for-frigging-ever.  Ugh.  And you’ll run out of elastic thread several times.  And you’ll probably vow to never shirr another article of clothing again, so help you god.

But this is what you’ll end up with:


And really, wouldn’t you pretty much sell your soul for this?

Pin the four straps strategically to the dress top (like 3-4″ away from the edge).


Oops, blurry! Don’t care!

Sew those suckers down, and put your dress on right now!


Do not change into appropriate footwear. Do not take the time to move your mail stack and dog food/water bowl out of the way. Just put the fucking dress on and SMILE.