Easy Summer Blouse Tutorial part 2

This blouse is similar to last week’s summer blouse, but is less revealing.  So you could conceivably wear it in public, if you’re into that whole “leaving the house” kind of thing.

Start with these guys:


From left to right: chest band (which I cut a bit more loosely, just ’cause), two pieces that will become one body of your blouse, and four straps to tie up around your shoulders.

Take the chest band and sew it together along the short sides.

Take the two body pieces and sew them together to form one looooonngg rectangle.  Cut a rounded corner off of one end (this will be on the outside of the blouse and will look really cute – scroll down to the last pic if you think I’m lying).


Measure your bust, add 12 inches and divide the total number by two.  Take that number (let’s pretend it’s 24″) and fold over the unrounded end of your fabric that many inches.



You catch my drift.

Keep folding until it’s all folded up.


Pin together the overlapping parts so that you have one big tube.


Gather  the tube so that it will fit inside the chest band.

I tried gathering it using a hand stitch, and it was really annoying.  And that’s coming from someone who has clocked many hundreds of hours of hand sewing for various quilting projects, so clearly I’m crazy about hand sewing.  Don’t hand sew; use a machine to gather your fabric.


Fold the chest band lengthwise with raw edges facing up.  Place the chest band over the gathered tube and pin it in place, right sides facing together.


Um, sew it together.

Take your strap strips and sew them like I showed you in the last tutorial (fold them in lengthwise, fold lengthwise again, pin and sew).  Pin them in place approximately 3-4″ from the edges of the blouse.


See those X markings? Pin the straps there. Repeat this step on the back of the blouse.

Sew them in place along the stitch line (where the chest band meets the body).


Those bimbos were right: modeling is way harder than geometry.