Easy Summer Blouse Tutorial

This post is another old tutorial from my old blog, obviously written in the summer, hence the lovely tan.

This summer blouse is so easy, so breezy, and – if you make it with sheer fabric like I did – kinda sleazy!  It makes a great bathing suit cover up,  and it only takes about two seconds to sew.  Give or take twenty minutes.

The body measurements you need for this blouse are:

1) Above your bust, just below the armpits (mine was 33″) for the chest band.

2) Around your bust, plus several inches for optimum blousy effect (mine was 35+6=41″), for the width of the blouse’s body.

3) Lengthwise from just above your bust to wherever you want the blouse to end (mine was 15″), for the length of the blouse’s body.

Add one inch to each of these dimensions and start cutting!


The top strip goes around my chest, the middle strip will be the strap (yes, just one, and no, you don’t really need a specific length for that one, you just need it to be long enough to tie up), and the bottom will be the body of the blouse.

Take the strap strip and fold it in lengthwise.


I have the grossest sewing desk. It’s really old and has multi-functioned as many things, including bar top for the wild parties of my youth. Oh, the sinful pleasures that this desk has seen and absorbed.

Fold it lengthwise yet again, pin and sew.


You can hem it at both ends by folding the already folded corners into two little triangles:


And tucking the triangle up inside the strap.


And sewing it in place.

Take your other two strips (the chest band and the body of the blouse), and sew each of them together along the short sides so that they form two tubes.


Gather the body so that it fits inside the chest band.

Turn the both right side out.

Take the chest band and fold it in half lengthwise, with the raw edges facing up (away from the body).

Tuck the body inside the chest band, right sides facing together.


Pin and sew.


Flip the chest band right side up, and attach the strap to the middle of the blouse, inside the chest band, along the stitch line.


Try it on in front of your sewing machine.


Don’t forget the bikini top!

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  1. So happy I found your blog. I’m a long time sewer, who has finally found the courage to start making my own clothes (both by sewing and knitting). 🙂

    1. That’s great to hear! It feels very liberating to make your own clothing; you’re no longer at the mercy of other peoples’ tastes. Best of luck to you!

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