Upcycled Denim Challenge – Winner Announced!

Remember that Upcycled Denim Challenge I told you guys about last month?  Put on by the Jake and Maya Collective?

Pic comes from The Jake and Maya Collective.
Pic comes from The Jake and Maya Collective.

They announced the winner today, and…

I won!

Rather, my wall-mounted upcycled denim deer head won.


There were a lot of great entries in that challenge.  Here are links to some of my favourites:

Deck Chairs by Sarah Baulch

Sailor’s Bag by Vivi

Denim Blues Flower Necklace by Melissa Joy Hamelau

Denim Gown and Shrug by Sara Li-Chou Han

Denim Dress and Bodysuit by Irene Stickney (who runs The Make Den, a sewing studio in Toronto’s Bloordale Village)

And you can see a full list of the entries here.

The April challenge on the Jake and Maya Collective is already underway; it’s an upcycled paper challenge.  If you like to work with paper, you should check it out!