Lace Trapeze Shirt Tutorial

The following tutorial is a repeat from my old blog.

Take two rectangles of lace fabric that measure like this:

Width = (your bust + 3″) x 2**

Length = however long you want it to be + 1″ for hemming.

Confused by the width measurement?  Am I wowing you with my mad math skills?  It’s BEDMAS, motherfathers, and it’s all the rage!

You just want the width of your fabric to measure twice the length of your bust + 3″.  So if your bust measures 36″ you will add 3″ to that, making 39″ and then you’ll double that to make it 78″ wide.

**Or you could just make your fabric about 78″ wide.  It’ll work for most people.


Fold it across.  And cut out the following:

Top left is the neckline, top right is the armhole (which is 9″ long, and half the distance across the folded fabric, approx. 9-10″), and the bottom right is supposed to be a triangle, but I didn’t watch where I was cutting.

Feel free to lower the neckline on one side of the fabric.

Now, sew along the black lines, and hem along the red.  I used a zigzag stitch for hemming, because lace is kinda prissy.


And there’s your shirt.  And here’s mine:


Yeah that’s great. Sears catalogue, here I come.


Some people should not be on the receiving end of the camera.


4 responses to “Lace Trapeze Shirt Tutorial

    • Thank you! I cut it all off about a year ago; I didn’t think I missed it until I saw these pictures again!

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