Needlework and Mackey Neck

I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you all.

After a brief brainstorm, I started fiddling around with needlework today, and this is what I came up with.

Now, before I show you the pictures, I want you to bear in mind that I’ve had only a tiny bit of experience with needlework over the years.  Also bear in mind that this was done on a sewing machine, NOT by hand.

Here’s my first attempt, a very topical (for me) deer head;


My intent with these pieces was to evoke a scribbly sketchy effect.  You know, like a doodle.

And I guess it turned out okay for a first try.  It’s got a bit of a Vic Mackey neck, but so do lots of things.

Like my second needlework attempt:


That’s Davy.  She’s my old roommate’s dog, she has a big Vic Mackey neck, and sometimes she wears a sweater.

I don’t have a copy of the original picture, but it looks pretty much like this.  But reversed.  And less happy (Davy hates clothing).


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