Upcycled Denim Challenge!

I’ve officially thrown my hat into the ring.  I’ve entered a denim upcycling competition.

Pic comes from The Jake and Maya Collective.
Pic comes from The Jake and Maya Collective.

The competition was created by the Jake and Maya Collective, as part of their Trash 2 Treasure Challenge, a year-long upcycling challenge to bring greater awareness to waste vs sustainability.  Each month, the collective will introduce a new competition, presumably dealing with upcycling, and each month, they will pick a winner of the competition, and award them with a £50 gift voucher.

Now, as you may have noticed, I do loves me some denim creations.


Denim is pretty much the best thing ever, in my sewing world.


So I applied with the following entry.  Mostly because it’s my favourite.  And my newest project (they’re always my favourites).


You can enter too.  Here’s a link to the contest, and a link to the terms & conditions, you have til the end of the month!

Good luck!