Bespoke Suit for a Teddy Bear (First Draft)

As if I just made a little bespoke suit for my handmade bear!


Those of you born in the 1970s – quick, how many pictures are there of you dressed in this very outfit?  Possibly covered in spaghetti?  There’s no way I’m the only one.

I wasn’t planning on making such a retro suit.  I have almost no experience making menswear, and exactly zero experience making suits from scratch,  so I’m just happy the end result looks even remotely suit-ish.


Rest assured, this is just a first draft suit.

Problems with the jacket:

*Inexplicably too small, even though I measured the hell out of that bear everywhichway AND added seam allowances

*I put lapels on the facing, but not on the actual jacket, so it totally didn’t match up

*Back facing? Never even happened.

Problems with the pants:

*When I was cutting it out, I was all “Don’t forget the tail hole, Amie.” And then I totally forgot the tail hole. And yes, if I did things the proper way, there would’ve been notches and arrows and flashing lights that directed me to add a tail hole. But I didn’t do things the proper way, I did things the full-steam-ahead way, and now the bear has a cramped tail.

*Legs are a little baggy. I don’t really know what to do about that, other than to just thin down the pattern legs. It makes the pattern piece look weird when I thin down the legs too much, but this bear isn’t exactly of human proportions, so what the hell am I worrying about?

*Legs are also a little short. I ran out of space on the pattern paper. Meh.

Altogether, there are several issues that need to be fixed, but nothing so bad that it makes me want to crawl into my jimjams and shame-eat an entire anchovy and olive pizza in under ten minutes.

Pretty good for a first try, pretty damn good.


This slick dude is totally about to roofie your drink.

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