Wallet Tutorial with Coin Pocket

The problem with most wallet tutorials out there is that they don’t include a pocket for loose change.  Well guess what?  I’m Canadian, bitches!  And half of our currency is coins.

So here’s a DIY for all my Hoser comrades: a wallet that includes a change pouch AND pockets for your credit/library/membership-to-something-geeky cards.

Take some scraps of tough fabric and cut out these shapes:

That guy on the left will be the body of the wallet, the three in the top right will be the pockets for credit cards, and the bottom right is the change pocket and accordion sides.

Take your big piece and hem the ends (it measures 8″x12″ so you’ll be hemming approximately 3/4″ from the long ends.  It’ll end up measuring 8″x10.5″ when you’re done).

I’m so happy I used a striped fabric for this project. You should do that too, it makes everything way easier, not to mention snazzy as all get out.

Now take your change pocket and accordion side, and with right sides facing each other, sew them together.

Like sew…

Fold that over the right way, and add a reinforcement stitch.


Repeat with the other side of the pocket.

Figure out where you want your change pocket to sit on your wallet’s body (figure out that it will sit in the top right corner of your wallet).  Take some velcro and place one side onto the inside of the change pocket, and the corresponding side will go onto the wallet.

Sew the velcro into place.


Now we’re gonna sew the change pocket to the body of the wallet.

Fold 1/2″ under along the right side of the accordion pocket, and pin it to the wallet using your velcro patches as guidelines.  You want the accordion sides to fold under the denim pocket like an accordion (no duh), so bear that in mind when you pin them to the wallet (there is a picture coming up with the finished pocket, so maybe that’ll help explain what I mean).

Sew the pocket to the wallet.

Take a look at where I placed the accordion side’s hem right next to the velcro patch. And sew the denim pocket down along that dotted line.

Measure, pin and sew the other side of the pocket.

Tuck the accordion sides into the pocket (you can just pinch them in and they’ll fold into little sideways M shapes.  Or E shapes.)

If it looks like the following picture, then you can sew across the bottom of the pocket, keeping the accordion sides tucked in.

I forgot to mention that this wallet is pretty much all raw edges. If you don’t like raw edges, then you can figure out your own damn hems!

Now, on the other end of the wallet, you’ll take one of those three long rectangles and pin it to the edges of the wallet.

See where the change pocket is in reference to this card-holding rectangle? It’s upside down because you’ll be folding that wallet in half eventually.

Sew in on like this:


Place the next rectangle 1/2″ down from the first and pin and sew that guy, too.

Mine are crooked. Yours don’t have to be.

And do it again with the third rectangle.

And this is what it should look like by now.

Now you’re gonna fold it so the right sides are facing each other (BTW, when I say “right side” in that context, I mean “correct side”  which also means  “the out side” or “the side you want the world to see”).

And sew that shit up!

Fold right over left, and sew.

Turn it right side out, and attach some more velcro to it.

A little confession: none of that velcro was sewn on. My sewing desk coughed out a strip of velcro that had a really sticky adhesive backing, so I totally used that. If I knew where it came from, I’d totally get more of it (update: I got it from Walmart for about $3/metre, which is a similar measurement to a yard, for all the Yankees out there).

And there’s your wallet.

Oh, you probably want to clip all those loose threads, too.

If only I really had $10.

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