How to Print and Assemble Your Sewing Pattern PDF

I don’t know why the idea of making this tutorial was such a chore to me. All I had to do was draw a little diagram: Happy Sewing!    

Top Five Posts of 2015

Hello 2016, what will you bring? I was doing some early morning fiddling on my website (because fiddling comes best when you’re suffering from one of your occasional bouts of insomnia, are nursing… Continue reading

Kollabora: Meet The Maker

Yay I’ve been featured on Kollabora’s Meet The Maker series this week! This is the opening picture that they’re using: For those who don’t know, Kollabora is an online community for makers, creators… Continue reading

Free Sewing Pattern Set: Christmas Edition

Here is a free downloadable set of sewing patterns for Christmas Ornaments! Click on the picture to download: Materials: *This is a great upcycling project. Old jeans, sweaters with holes in them, torn… Continue reading

Sewing Pattern Sale!

In the spirit of the greedy season, from now until Monday, November 30, my sewing patterns on Etsy are 35% off! Which makes their US Dollar-based prices almost like Canadian Dollar prices! To… Continue reading

How to Make Your Own Bias Binding Tape

Making your own bias binding tape is such a great idea. You can use up old fabric scraps, saving money, and your handmade binding tape can be soooooooo much prettier than anything you… Continue reading

Tank Top Sewing Instructions

Is it weird to┬ápost a tank top sewing pattern and instructions in November when I live in the Northern hemisphere? This tank top pattern is so easy to whip up; the front and… Continue reading

How to Hand Sew a Ladder Stitch

This tutorial is a supplement my animal head sewing pattern instructions! The ladder stitch, aka the slip stitch, is a fairly common hand sewing stitch used to close an open seam on stuffed… Continue reading

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    Day 14 of #WeBeTEST is Colour. I got this one guys. Everything I make is bright and colourful! Sometimes I have to tone down my fabric choices to get people to buy my pieces! #MadeInCanada #torontoetsystreetteam #fashiondesigner #menswear #womenswear #TorontoFashion #shoplocal #smallbusiness For those of you who don't follow @thelabourdistrict this is a screenshot of our Store Closing announcement. Yet another small business bites the dust! #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #smallbusiness #shoplocal #womenswear #menswear #fashiondesigner #skateboarding #MadeInCanada Day 12 of #WeBeTEST is Supplies. I forgot to take a picture of my supplies, but here's a pic of all the pieces I made with those supplies! I can stock an entire store with my work! #torontoetsystreetteam #fashiondesigner #shoplocal #MadeInCanada #smallbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #menswear #womenswear I baked a cake today. #cake
  • Unicorn Head Sewing Pattern

  • Elephant Head Sewing Pattern

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