These Dresses

Love! Made from cotton, these dudes are cool, comfy, and so damn pretty.

This Shirt

Ungh. Is seriously gorgeous. Coming soon (in various cotton prints) to The Labour District and Freedom Clothing Collective!

DIY Summer Jumpsuit from a Large Shirt

This is a throwback post, from back when I was young and pretty and living in a city. Hot damn I miss that apartment. And that body. Take a very large button down… Continue reading

Knickerbocker Upcycle

Knickerbockers. Remember those? Usually made of wool, denim or corduroy, these fashion staples of the olden days┬áhad a brief resurgence in the 1970s, mostly as children’s wear, occasionally as random fashion designer gear… Continue reading

Wall Mounted Bull Head Instructions

Why would you need a wall-mounted bull head, you ask? Because it’s so damn cute.   These are the instructions on how to assemble your wall-mounted bull head. You can find the sewing… Continue reading

Hello Ladies,

As a result of my fantastic voyage into the netherworld of men’s wear design, I’ve started creating women’s wear with a more masculine edge. I’ve redrafted this shirt dress pattern too many times… Continue reading

The Blow-Up Doll Tutorial

I remember watching some made-for-tv movie years ago, where an abused child was using anatomically correct dolls to show where he/she had been abused (“He touched me here… and here… and…here.”). And I… Continue reading

Boatneck Bodice Pattern

This is the tutorial for my boatneck bodice sewing pattern that is available on Etsy. Size Small/Medium here. Size Large/XL here. I’m going to run through my method of constructing a boatneck bodice… Continue reading

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  • Unicorn Head Sewing Pattern

  • Boatneck Dress Bodice Pattern

  • Elephant Head Sewing Pattern

  • Deer Head Sewing Pattern

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